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Why Replace Legacy Systems with API-Based Automation?

Complete visibility expands beyond just your traditional truckload tracking and requires the entire freight transaction set from quote-to-invoice. To remain competitive you should have a constant pulse on the entire spectrum of your supply networks and freight transactions.

This level of connectivity and automation is only possible for companies who move away from legacy data formats (EDI, FTP, database uploads, email, fax, phone, etc) to web-service application programming interfaces (APIs).

APIs are the connectivity mechanism at the heart of today’s on-demand applications and undoubtedly the fastest, most seamless way to retrieve data on-demand and make educated decisions in the supply chain.

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Learn just how much project44 simplifies your full shipment lifecycle. Drag your cursor (or your finger if you’re on mobile) across the image to see what happens when project44 takes over the quote-to-invoice process, wiping away all of the unnecessary complications caused by legacy technology.

How to Make the Switch

Legacy technology cannot remain in place any longer.  Since 2000, 52% of the Fortune 500 have collapsed or were bumped off the list for not keeping up with the ever-changing technology landscape. Bottom line, those who fail to evolve their technology struggle to remain competitive and profitable.

That technical work starts with understanding the infrastructure you need to engineer for scalability and uptime. We’ve taken care of developing that modern infrastructure so you don’t have to, increasing your speed to market with limited development resource requirements.

Since 2014, project44 has been driving new levels of visibility and automation within the supply chain via a multimodal network of real-time data connectivity across the supply chain. We replace multiple legacy technologies with a modern API-based approach to automate the full shipment lifecycle from quote-to-invoice across multiple modes of transportation. In doing so, we deliver the visibility and speed required to accommodate customer demands while growing revenue and increasing productivity.

project44’s approach is unlike any other vendor in the  market. We enable a more efficient and real-time way to connect carriers and their trading partners, while automating the entire freight shipment process. Ultimately, providing our customers complete visibility from quote-to-invoice.


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