True End-to-End Visibility

Access full multimodal transparency and make smarter transportation decisions.

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Seamless Data Connectivity

Unlike most vendors that provide visibility interfaces built on top of legacy data sources, p44 enables a truly integrated, visible and predictable supply chain.

  • One big picture view of everything that matters across your multimodal transportation ecosystem (Parcel, LTL, Volume LTL, Truckload, and Rail)
  • Aggregate and standardize billions of individual data feeds into a single system
  • Access via a interface or through a direct API integration into your TMS, WMS, OMS or ERP

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What's in a Name?

Route 66 served as a major path from Chicago to California starting in 1926, and was vital to the transport of goods. As the transportation industry evolved, Route 66 was no longer efficient enough to support the growing infrastructure. In the 1950s, the first major bypass of Route 66 was constructed. It was called Highway 44, and it improved the country’s transportation capabilities.

At project44 we aim to continuously find new and innovative ways to support the evolving needs and technology of the logistics industry. Like Highway 44 did for Route 66, we will continue to expand what’s possible with transportation.

Redefining End-to-End Visibility

Know more than just when inventory will arrive at your destination with end-to-end visibility into planning, transit and post-delivery phases of your full shipment workflow.

Pricing Solutions


Get immediate, accurate rate quotes directly from your carriers to save time and money on manual tasks and ever-changing rates.

Routing Solutions


Instantly garner access to transit times from your carriers to optimize your options and eliminate manual tasks.

Scheduling Solutions


Eliminate manual and flawed systems and inefficiencies by adding notes and immediate acceptance or rejection of a scheduled pick-up.

tracking solutions


Track your shipments every step of the way and gather actionable data that provides insight into shipment status and ETA allowing you to make better business decisions and improve your interactions with customers.

Exception Management Solutions

Exception Management

Capture dynamic data on your shipments and be in control of exceptions that happen outside of the normal parameters of your logistics workflow allowing you to be proactive and provide better customer service.

Digital Documents Solutions

Digital Documents

A single automated gateway leading to easy and automated access to documents - including BOL, POD, W&I when they are available.

Payment Solutions


Eliminate billing complexities and reduce costly errors associated with manual document processing with automated invoice retrieval.

reporting solutions


Identify trends over time and gain insight to aid the optimization of shipment workflows through data patterns, process improvement and network connectivity.

The World’s Best are Powered by project44

These global enterprises use p44 to seamlessly connect disparate data into a single interface, regardless of where it originated or resides.

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FedEx’s API Integration Program Cut RR Donnelley’s Integration Time by Five Months FedEx’s API Integration Program Cut RR Donnelley’s Integration Time by Five Months
US Foods: The Smart Supply Chain Investment US Foods: The Smart Supply Chain Investment
Technicolor: End-to-End Inventory Visibility Technicolor: End-to-End Inventory Visibility
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