Planning Solutions

Do you waste time and resources manually hunting down rating and scheduling information? Can you create new opportunities from real-time pricing, routing, and scheduling information? With p44's API-based planning solutions, companies increase planning efficiency by an average of 53%.

Pricing Solutions


  • Automate multi-carrier rate shopping
  • Guarantee that pricing is accurate to the penny and rates are updated in real-time
  • Eliminate the need to use outdated costly rate bureaus or manually or batched rate uploads
Routing Solutions


  • Gain visibility into transit times while securing rates to select the most optimal carrier
  • Secure live transit times that take into consideration the latest weather and routing
  • Eliminate costly rate bureaus or manual phone calls to carriers
Scheduling Solutions


  • Automate dispatch or tender requests with the push of a button, and get immediate carrier pickup confirmation
  • Eliminate missed pickups and save time rescheduling with carriers
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need for EDI or manual carriers check calls and emails

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Case Study
Steelcase’s internal operations increased team efficiency by 20% thanks to project44's planning solutions.

Before project44

  • Inefficient manual processes
  • Scheduling pickups was time consuming
  • Inaccurate information from carriers
  • Error prone communication through email, phone calls, and spreadsheets

With Planning Solutions

  • Steelcase teams have been able to automate prior manual tasks and are able to focus on other, more important activities
  • Workflows are no longer interrupted with manual communication bottlenecks
  • Quick integration into their existing system enabled an instant increase in efficiency

What Steelcase is Saying

  • It was important we find a tool that would be easy to implement and would allow for long-term configurability. project44 gave us everything we were looking for and has proven to be an easy-to-use tool that has significantly increased the efficiency of our teams.

    Keegan McCready
    Sr. Project Manager, Global Operations PMO
Transit Solutions

The earlier you catch a transportation disruption, the sooner you can find a solution. Reduce costs and improve reliability across your multimodal distribution network with SKU-level inventory tracking, exception management and visibility.

tracking solutions


  • Successfully track 100% of your domestic Parcel, LTL, Volume LTL, Truckload, Rail, and Ocean shipments
  • Leverage predictive ETA and location information to remain in control of your inventory at all times
  • Make smarter decisions with immediate access to the highest quality location data fed by direct carrier APIs, GPS, and ELD integrations
Exception Management Solutions

Exception Management

  • Do more with customized alerts and notifications created directly from the most precise tracking data possible
  • Guarantee a significant reduction in costly fees associated with missing delivery windows, and proactively communicate to all parties impacted
  • Manage temperature within your cold chain and get alerts as soon as exceptions occur
Case Study
Technicolor reduced retailer imposed fines for changed or missed delivery deadlines by over 48% with the project44 tracking solutions.

Before project44

  • Daily, hundreds of employees manually hunt for tracking information
  • Reactive communication with retail partners around delivery time frames result in negative vendor scorecards
  • Incapable of proactively adjusting transportation network based on dynamic ETA estimates

With Tracking Solutions

  • Reduced total costs and improved productivity across a multimodal distribution network
  • Real-time ETA email alerts delivered at least every 15-minutes for delayed or at risk shipments
  • Transparent communication open between the manufacturer, the drivers, and retail partners

What Technicolor is Saying

  • To meet the strict delivery deadlines, we need to have real-time visibility into every single SKU and box in our supply chain. project44 enables us to collect extensive information from disparate parts of our transportation network and automatically marry that data with our inventory databases to provide one single big picture view of everything that matters across our entire supply chain.
Documentation Solutions

How much time does your team spend managing paper invoices, BOLs, W&I, and PODs from carriers? Remove the inefficiencies by digitizing your processes, and save an average of 34% more time with project44.

Digital Documents Solutions

Digital Documents

  • Automate your process and eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks
  • Instantly pull digital shipment documentation directly into your TMS through API connections directly with your carriers
  • Reduce backlogs at delivery sites with the ability to immediately scan documentation
Payment Solutions


  • Eliminate invoicing errors by ensuring rates match your invoices to the penny
  • Expedite accounts payable processes with real-time organization-wide access to invoices eliminating delays
Case Study
This 3PL has saved almost 80,000 hours of employee time with the project44 documents solution within 5 months of signing a contract with project44.

Before project44

  • Time consuming manual admin process waste resources and money
  • Delayed payments and invoicing inaccuracies extend cash cycle
  • Fragmented organizational insight into transportation documentation

With Document Solutions

  • Automated invoice retrieval saves resources, increases team efficiency and significantly shorten cash cycle
  • Digital documents pulled directly from carriers into TMS creates more transparent access
  • Guaranteed that quoted rates match final invoice to the penny

What this 3PL is Saying

  • Since we implemented project44, we have received over 700,000 digital documents through their direct API connection. When these documents were not provided in real-time, it took our team an average of 20 minutes per load to reconcile all the documentation, that’s over 230,000 hours and $4.6M dollars in wasted resources saved in just 5 short months.

Our technology enables an efficient shipping experience.

analytics solutions

project44’s advanced visibility, tracking, and carrier performance analytics capabilities provide accurate insights, facilitating better business decisions and outcomes.

  • Predictive ETAs - Optimize your supply chain by giving your staff and partners more accurate updates
  • Lane and Location Performance Analytics - Gain insights into your stops and lanes in order to identify and diagnose areas of poor performance
  • Tracking Quality Analytics - Optimize tracking through insights into tracking quality
  • Carrier Performance Analytics - Understand carrier performance to make better purchasing decisions and improve carrier relationships
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