project44 Reviews: What the Industry is Saying


“project44 uses a completely different and more efficient approach to connecting carriers and their trading partners than other vendors. The vendor uses API connectivity to replace more outdated mechanisms like EDI and/or SMC3 rate bureaus, FTP, spreadsheets, website scraping, and manual process.”

– Gartner Cool Vendors in Supply Chain Execution Technologies, 2017 C. Dwight Klappich, Eric O’Daffer, Andrew Stevens, David Gonzalez, Bart De Muynck, Amber Salley, 20 April 2017

“project44’s partnership with McLeod allows us to embrace modern technological capabilities without having to devote significant internal development resources. It has been clear from the start that the Rating, Dispatch and Tracking services are going to save us a lot of money, while also delivering more accurate shipment data than our previous legacy systems provided.”

– Michelle Potter, Senior Director, Strategic Development at England Logistics. 

“Omnitracs is proud to collaborate with project44 as an authorized Virtual Load View partner. Once a new software solution like freight visibility begins picking up steam with shippers and 3PLs, those buyers will want to know that their various software providers have not only a tight integration but also access to a vast amount of trucking data. When you combine the data access provided by Omnitracs’ Virtual Load View Application with project44’s enterprise-grade architecture, commitment to quality, capacity provider connections and robust product portfolio, those buyers now receive greater visibility and improved customer service.”

– Andrew Kelley, Vice President of Corporate Development at Omnitracs

“Our partnership with project44 strengthens the innovation we bring to our customers for rating and managing freight. By partnering with project44, 3GTMS can provide its customers and their clients instant access to real-time data, radically improving their ability to manage supply chain disruptions, increase on-time delivery performance, and minimize carrier fees.”

– JP. Wiggins, Vice President of Logistics at 3GTMS.

“Choosing project44 as a technology partner was a critical step to remaining competitive. Having accurate, accessible and complete information is the key to success in today’s market. As a full-service logistics solutions provider, Evans is committed to ensuring that our customers’ shipments are handled efficiently and with meticulous data transparency. project44 is unmatched in their ability to drive the market into deeper, more meaningful levels of digitization, making them a perfectly aligned partner for our efforts.”

– David Cochrane, Evans’ VP of Information Technology

“project44 is the only technology provider in the market that allowed us to embrace new Volume API capabilities and connections without having to devote significant internal development resources to do the same. Within days of signing a contract, our team could secure real-time volume quotes and transit times from an entire network of carriers – immediately increasing our productivity, helping us make smarter decisions at a much quicker pace, all while allowing our internal resources to focus on other critical initiatives.”

– Dave Bush, Senior Vice President of Carrier Relations & Pricing at GlobalTranz.

“project44 has achieved rapid growth in terms of clients, scope, staff, and investment.  The company has capitalized on applying an established technological trend to transportation management. The model will translate well from LTL APIs to TL providers, enhancing the value and efficiencies being delivered to their growing customer base.”

 – Evan Armstrong, President, Armstrong and Associates 

“project44 has designed a much larger and robust service offering, more so than other vendors in the market from what we have seen, and is leveraging the power of real-time automation to ensure capacity providers interact with their customers without delays or errors. By investing in capacity provider relationships from the start and constantly partnering with us to improve our technology stack, they are accelerating the industry’s digital transformation and ensuring that we can support the growing customer demand for automated and visibility freight services.”

– Michael Bookout, Founder at Integrated Transportation Management and Former Executive Vice President Pricing and Carrier Relations at GlobalTranz


“In today’s world, automation and speed is essential. That’s exactly what the project44 and 3Gtms integration delivers. The partnership allows Premier to quickly embrace best-in-class API technology directly within our current TMS environment. Within seconds, we’re able to pull rate quotes from our entire capacity provider network and see their live, lane-by-lane transit times. Most importantly, I know the data is 100% accurate and up-to-date—increasing my confidence in the carrier selection process and my ability to make strategic transportation decisions for Premier’s clients.”

– David Joe Freitas, General Manager of Premier Logistics

“Integrating with project44 has saved us time and money and allowed us to focus on the rest of our product. We have been able to easily create quoting, shipment tracking, and document syncing integrations with many dozens of carriers through project44’s single API much faster than we could have on our own”

– Casestack’s Strategic Initiatives Product Manager, Ryan Petty

“Before project44, we did connect with a handful of carriers directly but quickly found out that each carrier unfortunately uses their own complex schemas and web service technologies which greatly complicated the effort. project44’s network allows us to embrace new API capabilities without having to devote significant development resources that take them aware from other critical initiatives.”

-Bobby Harris, CEO at BlueGrace Logistics

“It’s shocking how much time and money we spent tracking when reliant on EDI 214. Overall, we had 21 full time employees (FTEs) spending over 80% of their time just on tracking. Additionally, we had to outsource tracking to India at night, start customer service reps at 5am to clean up the data, and manually pull tracking from carrier websites for high priority accounts. With project44, all of that administrative overhead has been eliminated, and a majority of employees have been repurposed to revenue generating activities.”

– CTO, Fortune 50 Global Manufacturer 

“We are very excited about the new capabilities that our upcoming integration solution with project44 is going to offer our brokerage customers who manage LTL freight for their customers. The project44 vision has the potential to add tremendous value for this segment of our industry by leveraging the power of web service-based API’s to let LTL carriers and brokers interact with less friction and no delays.”

– McLeod Software Founder and CEO, Tom McLeod

“When we moved from SMC3 to project44’s rating services the difference in reliability was astounding. project44’s data normalization processes provided significantly more accurate rates with less redundancies and data duplications. Overall, project44 was critical to the success of One Stop. They saved us a tremendous amount of money, freed up internal resources and helped us make smarter decisions at a faster pace.”

-Kirk Stevens, Founder, One Stop Logistics

“As a company, MercuryGate is focused on listening to our customers’ needs and developing innovative solutions to help them achieve their business goals. Our integration partnership with project44 will make it easier for customers to obtain accurate quotes, including Volume LTL, and to access real time-tracking. These capabilities enable customers to reduce administrative costs. Both project44 and MercuryGate are committed to adding value for our mutual clients by providing a seamless experience that allows them to leverage a robust API solution.”

– MercuryGate CEO and Co-Founder, Monica Wooden

“Now more than ever, the global supply chain needs to implement best-in-class SaaS products to support consumers’ rapidly evolving purchasing behavior and expectations for on-demand, transparent services. As demonstrated by their dramatic growth rate and high level of customer satisfaction, project44 has emerged as the undeniable industry leader, driving the supply chain towards true end-to-end visibility and real-time connectivity.”

– Joe Floyd, Partner at Emergence Capital

“Integrating volume rating via API is a great example of how our ongoing relationship with project44 has helped us to adopt emerging technological advancements with limited IT investment. project44 allows us to focus on what matters most – providing best-in-class technology and service to our customers. We’re able to respond to a higher number of volume and LTL rate requests in milliseconds through our online quoting engine, while also delivering increased data transparency and real-time insights to our customers.”

– Josh Craig, President and COO of Sunset Pacific Transportation

“project44 fits with our mission of investing in local, visionary companies driving much needed innovation. Their team brings a unique blend of domain and tech experience that could only be found in Chicago, a key transportation hub for more than 150 years and home to one of the fasting growing tech and startup communities. We are pleased to partner with them as they leverage their roots to grow into a global leader.”

–  Stuart Larkins, Co-Founder and General Partner at Chicago Ventures

“Our partnership with project44 intensifies the innovation we bring to the TMS industry for handling LTL freight. Manufacturers, distributors and freight brokers have had to suffer for too long using competitive tools from the 1990’s that are face-lifted to the internet and called ‘cloud solutions.’  By developing and deploying our solution entirely on Salesforce, we represent the next generation of TMS capability today and our relationship with project44 only strengthens that.”

– Charles Craigmile, President and Chief Executive Officer of Revenova

“It’s not just the cost of EDI but the added cost when EDI isn¹t fast enough and reliable enough to meet today¹s demands for supply chain partners that create competitive advantage through efficiency and effectiveness. When still dependent on EDI, our firm sent thousands of EDIs per day and had to follow-up on a fair share of these transactions, consuming time and human capital resources. APIs completely eliminate the need for those manual back-and-forth communications, saving us time and money.”

– Jeff Leppert, Senior Vice President, Redwood Logistics

“By better knowing our demand, and the cost to meet that demand on a daily basis, we are better able to understand our costs. This enables us to charge a fair price across the board, without having some shipments subsidize other less profitable moves. Our customers benefit from this increased visibility and responsiveness by taking advantage of lower rates, when we have more capacity to serve their needs more effectively.”

– Mark Davis,VP Pricing & Traffic at Averitt Express

“We knew that we needed to have real-time visibility into every single SKU and every box in our supply chain, and instantly became inspired by project44’s multimodal strategy within MercuryGate’s API-enabled TMS. project44’s integration into MerucryGate allows us to collect real-time information from our carriers and automatically match it with our inventory databases. Expanding that picture from LTL into other modes is a huge win and will ensure we know the location and content of every in-transit shipment in our supply chain.”

– Elaine Singleton, VP, Supply Chain, Technicolor

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