Video: The Automation and Visibility Provider Most Trusted by 3PLs

February 9, 2018

At last year’s projectAUTOMATE, we asked supply executives and analysts from 3PLs, carriers, shippers, and trade publications what automation and visibility mean to their businesses, and how they see modern technology impacting the industry throughout 2018. Here are some of their responses:

The supply chain is evolving, and shippers are demanding real-time visibility from their 3PL and carrier partners. The ability to track shipments in real-time down to single items gives shippers the efficiency they need to drive new revenue streams, and keep up with massive eCommerce companies like Amazon. Shippers are now looking to their 3PLs to provide them with the best industry technology available.

As a 3PL, leveraging automation technology through modern connectivity enables you to give your customers the visibility they need to compete in today’s market. Providing them with a way to digitize their supply chain allows them to address customer concerns, and predict problems before they really become problems.


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