project44 Announces Real-Time Rail Visibility API

December 12, 2017

project44 Announces Real-Time Rail Visibility API

Eric Carter – ProgrammableWeb – December 13, 2017

project44, transportation information solution provider, has announced its new rail visibility API. Through the API, manufacturers and retailers alike gain end to end tracking capability of rail shipments across US and Canadian rail networks.

project44 Introduces Rail Visibility API

Jeff Berman – Logistics Management – December 12, 2017

project44 announced today it has launched a new rail visibility API, which is focused on increasing end-to-end information symmetry through the elimination of shipment visibility gaps across United States and Canadian rail networks.

project44 Adds Rail Data to Supply Chain Visibility Network

DC Velocity – December 12, 2017

Supply chain software company project44 said today it has expanded its shipment visibility communication tools to include U.S. and Canadian rail networks, the first time the company has broadened its coverage beyond trucking services.

project44 Adds Rail to Visibility Suite

Eric Johnson – American Shipper – December 12, 2017

The freight transportation and logistics technology provider project44 continues to build out its suite of multimodal application programming interfaced (API)-based visibility by adding rail visibility across U.S. and Canadian railways.

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