Panel Recap: The Future of Transportation Technology

February 16, 2017

In an industry typically hesitant towards innovation, yet also recently saturated with new technologies, solutions that enhance supply chain processes will have the largest potential influence on the transportation market in the near future. That means solutions that better manage supply and demand, leverage data into proactive insights and streamline connectivity.

The state of the industry is forcing companies to work smarter; with that some players are adopting technology to achieve less expensive, more data-driven, and faster-to-deploy solutions. project44 combines mainstream, modern technology with existing freight networks may create a wider, competitive moat.

The enablement strategy has led us to outpace the digital transformation achieved by any other technology provider in the industry. Ultimately, delivering exponentially more value to the project44 client-base.

Panel Recap: The Future of Transportation  Technology

In February, project44 CEO Jett McCandless addressed an audience of industry and market experts about transportation technology at Stifel Capital Market’s Transportation Investor Conference.

Below are some highlights of his remarks.



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