Infographic: Becoming a Shipper of Choice

May 1, 2019

In today’s market, finding capacity can get competitive. There’s only so much capacity available, but you still need to get your cargo to its destination on time and in full. In order to get your shipments prioritized over your competition’s, you need to become a shipper of choice. Creating processes and behaviors that make life easier on your carriers sends them the message that you’re committed to their success, which in turn creates success for your organization and provides your customers with a better, more reliable experience.

This infographic gives a high-level overview of what carriers look for from shippers, what qualities will elevate you to “shipper of choice” status, and how Advanced Visibility is the best strategy to get there.

What do Carriers Look for in a Shipper of Choice?

Supply chains are all about collaboration. The more we work together, the more success and productivity we all experience. That’s what being a shipper of choice is all about. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a shipper of choice, you can read about it in the project44 blog.

You can download the infographic here.


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