FreightWaves’ Transparency 18 Conference

May 25, 2018

Today’s Pickup: An Analyst Summarizes a Panel on the Disruption of the Brokerage Industry

John Kingston – FreightWaves – May 25, 2018

“We attended a compelling panel discussion on digital freight matching that included brokers ECHO and JBHT, along with brokerage start-up Convoy and freight API start-up project44.” – Susquehanna Transport Analyst, Bascome Majors.

Transparency18 – Freight Tech Conference Takeaways

Susquehana Financial Group – May 24, 2018

A recap of FeightWaves’ Transparency 18 conference, including a rundown of project44’s presentation about the possible applications of blockchain for logistics.

The Changing Nature of Freight Data and Visibility

Brian Straight – FreightWaves – May 22, 2018

project44’s Jason Duboe talks blockchain for logistics during a panel at Transparency18, “Blockchain is being developed on top of APIs.”

Demo Block 1: The Rise of Hardware and Data Agnosticism

John Paul Hampstead – FreightWaves – May 22, 2018

project44 showed how users can call data from their API network and upload it into a blockchain. project44 emphasized that blockchain won’t replace APIs because the two technologies do different things.


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