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[ebook] Advanced Visibility: A Buyer’s Guide

eBooks & Guides March 14, 2019

Choosing a real-time visibility vendor is harder than ever. With so many choices, even knowing where to start can be a challenge. Our in-depth Advanced Visibility Buyer’s Guide offers step-by-step …


[Whitepaper] Eliminate Your Supply Chain Data Silos

eBooks & Guides October 22, 2018
Authors: project44

The trucking and logistics industry’s ability to collect data has sharply evolved in a short period of time, but too much data is being siloed. Learn about data silos and how to use technology to …


[eBook] Supply Chain Meets Blockchain

Blockchain eBooks & Guides July 13, 2018
Authors: Deloitte

This comprehensive ebook was put together by Deloitte. It covers the context for blockchain in the supply chain, why blockchain makes sense for the industry, considerations and challenges, and …


[ebook] How Blockchain Will Disrupt Business

Blockchain eBooks & Guides July 13, 2018
Authors: ZDNet and TechRepublic

A comprehensive overview about the transformative power blockchain technology has, and the overall impact it can have on modern business including potential implications for supply chain …


[eBook] Blockchain for Logistics: Use Cases

Blockchain eBooks & Guides July 9, 2018
Authors: project44

The case for blockchain technology in logistics is strong. Logistics relies on record keeping, but supply chain complexity, which is increasing each year with the growing e-commerce industry, makes …


[Report] The 2018 Visibility Report

eBooks & Guides April 11, 2018
Authors: TIA

Focused exclusively on the 3PL industry, this report will explain in detail how and why increased freight visibility is creating significant value in today’s turbulent business …


[eBook] Leveraging End-to-End Visibility

eBooks & Guides March 2, 2018
Authors: Armstrong & Associates

Armstrong & Associates and project44 collaborated on this eBook which covers the technology revolution within logistics. Topics include the push towards visibility, and the ways that automation …


[eBook] Strategic Supply Chain Priorities for 2018

eBooks & Guides January 29, 2018
Authors: project44

At last year’s projectAUTOMATE, we sat down with the brightest minds in the industry, and asked them what companies should prioritize in 2018. Have a look at what these experts had to say, and how …


[Infographic] project44 and the Gartner Approach

eBooks & Guides December 14, 2017
Authors: project44

Gartner analysts outlined a three-point approach to harnessing technology for a competitive advantage in the supply chain space. As a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Technology, these are …


[Slides] How Amazon Wins (in Supply Chain)

eBooks & Guides October 19, 2017
Authors: John Rossman

As a leader at Amazon who had a front-row seat during its formative years, John Rossman understands the iconic company better than most. From the launch of Amazon’s third-party seller program to …


[Slides] Can You Keep Up with Disruption?

eBooks & Guides October 17, 2017
Authors: Kurt Cavano, GT Nexus

Explore how disruptive technologies will transform your business and provide your customers with incredible experiences thanks to technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Material Science, …


[eBook] Breaking The Roadblocks To Supply Chain Visibility

eBooks & Guides July 26, 2017
Authors: Dr. Karl B. Manrodt and Dr. Mary C. Holcomb

Visibility is a crucial aspect of the modern supply chain. While it used to be a difficult thing to achieve, our new approach makes supply chain visibility an attainable function for companies of all …


[eBook] Transportation Predictions and Trends 2017

eBooks & Guides January 25, 2017
Authors: project44

The 2017 Trends Whitepaper encapsulates a few key trends we see heavily impacting freight transportation and logistics in 2017. It also examines a couple of e-commerce entities, which are driving the …


[eBook] Dynamic Distribution Disruption: Retail Survey 2017

eBooks & Guides January 20, 2017
Authors: EFT in partnership with project44

With continuous disruption in retail and the increased need to track inventory availability and demand, we decided in collaboration with EFT, to survey 200 retailers on how they rate their maturity …


[eBook] Supply Chain Performance Improvement

eBooks & Guides January 19, 2017
Authors: EFT

Supply chains are undergoing a profound transformation. The evolution of digital technology and the success of eCommerce ventures, especially Amazon, have forced even successful enterprises to …


[eBook] Living Digital in a Dinosaur World

eBooks & Guides December 13, 2016
Authors: Karl Manrodt, Ph.D. & Mary Holcomb, Ph.D.

Defining success for retailers today is pretty simple. Respond more rapidly and efficiently to whatever demands customers want, at a price they are willing to pay, regardless of platform (mobile, …


[eBook] Special Report: APIs Enter the Fast Lane

eBooks & Guides August 1, 2016
Authors: Eric Johnson, American Shipper

Unsure whether APIs will gain traction in transportation and logistics? It’s the de facto way consumer and business-to-business applications communicate with one another in most industries. …