Our Commitment to Cloud and API Security

We manage data security with a best-in-class framework, so you have the confidence to share data via the cloud.


Every major industry transformation drives the need for stronger automation and data connectivity, presenting a tremendous opportunity to companies who seize the moment, and a massive risk to those who don’t. However, the advancement of cloud-based automation systems requires increased security and data protectivity measures.

Security is a core part of us.

We manage information security with a best-in-class security framework, so you have the confidence to share data via the cloud.

For example, we leverage Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) trusted security platform and features. project44 encrypts all data and credentials in-flight and at rest. We use private management subnet, VPNs and multifactor authentication. Our team also runs regular code scans to check for vulnerabilities and compliance.

API security is both critical and complex. Trust is critical for cloud companies, particularly those that provide foundational infrastructure for your supply chain. project44 is committed to fostering trust and has an ongoing commitment to safeguarding your data.

In addition to our core commitment to best-in-class security framework, we create unique data security programs unique to the individual needs of our customers. We encourage you to reach out and ask questions!


We ensure your data is safe and protected